Signed stuff + Rare stuff

Command & Conquer Collection

This is a page with some really rare stuff and signed big box or others stuff from developers and so on! Have a peek, you will love it I hope. This page will be better later when I got more time. 

We start with this piece of a picture. This even blink so check out the videos under the picture. When they sold 100K unit of Red Alert some people got this. This one is signed, the CD on the pictures is blank. But a really cool piece and really rare.


I  bought these from Daniel Miller. He worked for Westwood Studio and was a concept artist!
These statues are one of the kind. He did finish these and make them coloured.
The others I have are not coloured and just grey, they did ship out some of them to E3, and some people at Westwood Studio but I have speak to some of the developers and they are really few and a lot of people didn't get one of these!

So for me these mean a lot to my Command & Conquer collection! I'm so happy!

These statues are from Command & Conquer series and the Pirates of Skull cove!( Ofc not C&C)

Tanya - Command & Conquer
Havoc - Command & Conquer

Katarina - Pirates of Skull cove
Cpt Hawke -Pirates of Skull cove

On this two pictures you will see Cloth and others stuff from Westwood Studio when they was making the videos ingame. I have been really lucky to get this stuff! Stuff from even Dune games I have to post them here aswell as it to the history of the first C&C after Dune series!

All of these are real and have been checked from the olders developers at WW. Even got some General name tags, the game was never released and EA took over and make Generals like we know it today!

These boxes below this text are signed from the developers from the Westwood studio. I do got some boxes! Even got a Norwegian box signed! Thanks to all developers! 

Maybe I only have the Commermorative Edition signed in the world? Do you see some names you remember? Take a look, enjoy !

Command & Conquer 3 signed by APOC - Former EA C&C Community Manager

Here you see a rare item, Tiberian sun Press kit! Less than 200 was made and this is completed. Got it confirmed by the man some packed these. 

Here you see Renegade Multiplayer beta Phase 3 and I even got a hand on a Earth and Beyond Batch 1 stress test Ultra rare! 


Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 Soundtrack Sealed and rare, was not released

Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 Sealed Press kit!

Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 MArketing Assets (This was given to magazines for info)

Here you see a Tiberian Sun big Banner some was from a studio. You see a lot more of my Collection but not all! This is the place I sit and play! Was before I moved to a new place.


Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun Pin I even have some brand new in seals even!