Big Box

Command & Conquer Collection


Red Alert 2 big box come in two big boxes. The first was with the Twin Towers but after the attack. They order all the big box back to be destroyed. This had a flip aswell. This is a sealed copy.

Red Alert 2 big box come in two big boxes. This is the original big box some was released after they order back all the World Trade center big boxes. 

Like the others Westwood Studio games of Command & conquer serie. Red Alert 2 got itself a collectors box. If the number are under 200 is likely to be from a employs from Westwood Studio. I have number: 180 and 1595 both are sealed.  You even get Pewter figures includes.

Red Alert 2 was a popular game and they made a expansion pack to it called Yuri's Revenges. At USA they got the flip big box.


Here you see a Red Alert 2 Collectors big box from Australia, is like the rest but you have the rating on it from Australia. You see the number are a bit diferent in the font. I got number: 44041